Torch Studios

The 5-hour ENERGY® Cycling Team demonstrates the complex process of sprinting, which is when a cyclist explosively accelerates to finish a race at a high speed.

Ignite Media Works hired Torch Studios to conceive and produce video content about the 5-hour ENERGY presented by KENDA Pro Cycling team.  Torch Studios developed the content, managed the shoots, and handled all aspects of post production.

Over 17 videos were created showcasing the 5-hour ENERGY brand and the cycling team that competes nationally and internationally.  11 player profiles were created along with 6 other videos.

Thanks to On The Rivet Management, The Red Forge, Jeromy Hogue, and the rest of the crew for the great shoot.

Many thanks to Ignite Media Works for the opportunity.

  • Cameras:  Phantom Miro, SONY FS700, SONY A99, GoPRO
  • Edits:  Premiere CC
  • Graphics:  Maya/After Effects (thanks LightRay Media)
  • Location:  Dahlonega, GA